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more than 20 years of experience

Since 2000, Dentistry in the 6ix has been committed to providing top notch dental care while making sure our patients are relaxed throughout the process. We have cultivated connections with the top specialists in the country to provide the best possible care.

Dentist in Toronto with Open Concept Hallway to Operatories

Modern dentistry serves modern needs

In addition to administering thorough dental assessments as well as professional cleanings, we offer a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry solutions.

Dentist in Toronto with Open Concept Hallway to Operatories

Our top-rated team of compassionate experts is dedicated to delivering excellent dental care in a relaxing setting. We accomplish this through:

Science Based Care

The most recent research guides us. Each member of our dental team is highly qualified, and they all regularly update their knowledge of modern techniques for cutting-edge oral care.

State of the art Technology

Our resources are excellent. We make investments in cutting-edge technology to guarantee accuracy, comfort, and that every patient receives the best oral care.

Health Safeguards

We have a number of safety measures in place so there are no concerns. Our dental office and everything in it are medically sanitized just for you.

Pain Free Dentistry

Surely surgery and root canals hurt, right? Nope, not here. We guarantee your comfort throughout every surgery by utilising cutting-edge local anaesthetic techniques. We go the extra mile to ensure minimal pain.

Personalized Service

The little details matter most. Our dentist takes the time to determine and explain your personalized treatment plan. Every patient is treated like a member of our family.


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