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Dental Services in Toronto, ON

At Dentistry in the 6ix, we take great pride in providing a broad range of services, including long-lasting dental restorations, aesthetic smile makeovers, and sophisticated preventative dentistry. To care for our patients, we exclusively employ the latest technologies. 

In our Toronto dental office, we provide the following dental services:

At our office, you can get extremely effective treatments faster than ever before because of our knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge dental technologies. The staff at Dentistry in the 6ix is here to assist you with whatever your smile requires, providing care in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Call today to schedule your next dental appointment!
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General & Family dentist in Toronto, ON

From young children with their first baby teeth to elderly patients in need of complete and partial implants, we treat patients of all ages. 

We offer a one-stop shop for all of your general dentistry requirements, including anything from regular examinations and teeth cleanings to cutting-edge filling materials and Invisalign treatment.

Dentist in Toronto with Open Concept Hallway to Operatories

Emergency Dentist in Toronto, ON

An illness, injury, or accident-related sudden tooth pain can be highly painful as well as dangerous. It may even be life-threatening if you develop an abscess, a type of bacterial infection.

Dentist in Toronto with Open Concept Hallway to Operatories
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When to seek Emergency Dental Care

Not all dental problems need to be treated right away, but the following warning signs and symptoms should encourage you to see a dentist as soon as you can.

Unexpected jaw swelling may indicate a serious infection that has migrated from the tooth.

A loose tooth requires immediate dental care, regardless of whether it resulted from an accident or another cause. A loose tooth may be salvaged with careful care, but the longer you wait, the less likely it is that this will be feasible.

If your tooth pain lasts longer than a day or two and is severe enough to interfere with your life and sleep, you likely have a serious infection that requires emergency medical attention.

It depends on the individual, but tooth pain, a bad taste in your mouth, and/or a fever may indicate a serious infection called an abscess.

Numerous signs could indicate that you require urgent dental or medical care. In general, it is best to call Dentistry in the 6ix or at least check with your doctor if you suspect something is wrong. We look forward to receiving your calls and work hard to offer the best regular and emergency care.


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