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Ceramic Implants

By the time they are 44 years old, an estimated 70% of individuals will have lost at least one permanent tooth to decay. This figure rises as you become older. Although tooth loss is not always the case, it is undoubtedly common. Thankfully, ceramic implants can make your teeth appear and operate like new.

What are Dental Implants?

An artificial tooth root, known as a dental implant, is a prosthesis that is surgically inserted into your jaw. It serves as an anchor to support a denture, bridge, or other orthodontic appliance. 

When a tooth is totally missing, dental implants are used. This procedure is unaffected by whether the tooth is lost as a result of disease, trauma, or decay.

Dental Implants

Reasons To Get Implants

Since dental implants directly affect how your smile looks, they are frequently seen as cosmetic procedures. 

However, they have significant advantages for your oral health and can stop future decay symptoms. 

Here are the main justifications for using ceramic implants to replace your missing teeth.

Prevent Shifting: Your remaining teeth will start to move into the empty space left by a lost tooth. Additionally to affecting the condition of your gums, this can cause your other teeth to become loose. Without a replacement, your chance of losing more teeth increases.

Functionality: Implants function just like your original teeth do, in contrast to other dental treatments. They won’t interfere with your ability to chew or speak, and you won’t need any specialised equipment or techniques to take care of them.

Aesthetics: Dental implants feel and look completely natural. When you have just one tooth missing, they are among the greatest options for restoring your smile.

Long-Lasting: Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. It is crucial to remember that the crown or bridge that is affixed to the implant might eventually need to be changed.

There are various options to consider if you have a missing tooth. You might take into account a bridge in addition to an implant. An artificial tooth that is supported by the teeth on either side is known as a bridge. The bridge is simply attached to the teeth on either side of it, not to your jaw like an implant is.

Why Opt for a Dental Implant Rather Than a Bridge

Dental bridges have many advantages, including being more affordable and frequently being covered by insurance. They are not nearly as durable as implants, which, with proper care, can last a lifetime.

Additionally, because dental implants perform similarly to natural teeth, they are better for your oral health overall. They do not leave a space underneath like a bridge and are simple to floss around.

Are ceramic dental implants similar to ceramic teacups? Not exactly. Traditional metal-based implants might be replaced with ceramic implants, which presents a distinctive option with a number of potential advantages. Ceramic implants are more aesthetically pleasing and heal more quickly without sacrificing strength or longevity. Ceramic implants may therefore be the best option if you want to upgrade from metal-based implants. Additionally, they won't trigger metal detectors! Win, win

Due to their high biocompatibility, ceramic implants won't result in any negative side effects or tissue damage. Ceramic implants can also frequently be inserted using less intrusive methods than conventional metal-based implants.

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