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Modern Fillings

What to expect during a filling

In the past, a cavity meant having a highly visible gold or silver filling. Nowadays, fillings made of natural colours are perfectly matched to the colour of your natural teeth.

Routine fillings are now quick and painless thanks to advances in dentistry. Usually, only a local anaesthetic is needed to make the area immediately surrounding the injured tooth painless.
Following your filling, anticipate:

  1. Color matching: To create the finest possible match, colour matching is typically completed before any other work.
  2. A local anaesthetic is administered by injecting a numbing substance right into the gum tissue nearby. Even though you might feel a tiny squeeze as a result of this, the discomfort won’t last long.
  3. The tooth will be prepared by your dentist, who will gently remove any decay after the numbing drug has taken effect. The region will be cleaned and dried after removal in order to get it ready for the filling.
  4. Composite fillings are made by layering the material that will eventually become the tooth-colored filling. A light is used to cure the surface after each layer of material is added before another layer is added. This makes sure that your filling has a solid, completely dried structure.
  5. Your dentist will carefully shape the composite filling to fit the top of your tooth once the last layer has been put. Your tooth will thereafter appear and function exactly as it did before to the filling.
  6. Your dentist will then check to see if your bite is normal and if your restored tooth is causing you any discomfort or irregularities.


Tooth Coloured Fillings

Why Choose Tooth Coloured Fillings?

Aesthetics: Although tooth-colored fillings offer various advantages over metal fillings, patients primarily pick these fillings for their visual attractiveness. Tooth-colored fillings can readily restore your smile without showing any differences because they can be made to match your teeth.

Longevity: With proper maintenance, fillings can last 10 years or even longer. Your fillings will last longer if you maintain good dental hygiene practises daily and schedule routine exams. Your fillings might even survive 20 years or longer with these precautions.

Rapid Intervention: In most situations, one or even two minor cavities can be filled in within an hour.

No Mercury: The fact that silver fillings contain minute levels of mercury is one of the reasons why so many patients choose tooth-colored fillings. Despite the fact that studies have demonstrated that there is little to no risk to patients from having silver fillings, many people find comfort in knowing that their fillings are mercury-free.

Better tooth structure: Less of your natural tooth will need to be removed when you use composite fillings. Unlike a silver amalgam filling, this will maintain the overall structure of your tooth stronger.

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